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Firm History Timeline


Brand Story

Behind Our Name

Firm Timeline

January - The Creator’s Law Firm launches 

April - Attorney Davis appears on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew”


May - Facebook Launches Mini-Documentary 

November - NC Legal Elite awarded to Attorney Davis


August - Attorney Jones joins firm

November - Merited/Awarded BeyGood Grant

November - NC Legal Elite awarded to Attorney Davis


June - Attorney Davis featured on Forbes Next 1000

August - Trademark Practice Group Launched

September - Attorney Jones became a 2021 Leadership Law Honoree for South Carolina

November - South Carolina branch opens 

November - Attorney Davis featured in Charlotte's ONLY African-American business and lifestyle magazine, Pride Magazine

November - Attorney Akerley joins firm

November - NC Legal Elite awarded to Attorney Davis

December - 11th Fastest Growing Law Firm by Law Firm 500

December - The Firm receives a grant as part of @KKR_Co’s COVID-19 relief effort supporting small businesses


January - Attorney Davis receives NC Legal Elite award 

January - The Creator’s Law Firm turns 5

February - NC Historically Underutilized Business Certification

February - Certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with Charlotte Business Inclusion (CBI)

April - 950+ Trademarks Filed

Brand Story

Today, I am the Founding Attorney of The Creator's Law Firm. The Creator's Law Firm is revolutionizing work culture for women by creating a global model for work-life blend and team building. My woman-owned, woman-powered law firm merited the distinction of being the 11th fastest growing law firm in the United States from Law Firm 500 and has served thousands of clients successfully.

However, when I was a new attorney, I was fired from an entertainment law firm when my son was 10 days old because the partner felt my desire to be a great mom would interfere with my commitment to being a great lawyer. I battled postpartum depression and worked legal temp jobs while searching for a modern law firm to grow with. That's where I discovered a quote that would change my life.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Abraham Lincoln 

With a pen and legal pad in hand, I began to do just that...predict (or create) my future. I dreamt of being the most sought after trademark and business lawyer. I imagined having the privilege to serve the top entrepreneurial titans and most daring business underdogs. I dreamt of creating a safe place for women to birth whatever they desired, whether it be businesses or babies. Being at my lowest yet dreaming at my highest stretched the boundaries of my imagination; while faith-generated obedience opened the doors of opportunity I once dreamed of.

One of the things I’ve learned is that dreams need to be protected and not just shielded from the naysayers and doubters, but covered enough so that you have the freedom and protection to design your destiny without fear. 

The reason I do my work today is because every dream deserves a chance to be born. Because it’s hard to think about creating with freedom when you have a legal target on your business’s back. 

I believe the most powerful way I can help create change in the world is by protecting the dreams of legacy-driven entrepreneurs, who have the potential and power to change millions of lives through their products and programs. 

Brand Story

Behind Our Name

Firm Timeline

Brand Story

Behind Our Name

Firm Timeline

The Story Behind Our Brand Name

Our name was birthed from divine dialogue during a normal drive I took to the doctor’s office with my son in 2016.

As a new mom, earlier that year I was fired from the entertainment law firm I worked at because the partner felt my desire to be a great mom would interfere with my commitment to being a great lawyer. 

In that season I applied for over 100 legal jobs and received zero invitations to interview. Describing my feelings at the state of my career as frustrated is likely an understatement.

I was defeated.

In my brokenness I cried out to God and questioned Him:  

“You aren’t opening any doors for me Lord. 

Are you trying to tell me I should open my own law firm?”

The response to this singular question was overwhelming peace to replace my overwhelming defeat.

Hesitantly I accepted the promise the peace gave me.

 “Well, what do I call myself? My firm?”

And then in that moment I heard the audible voice of God and He declared:

“You’re MY lawyer…The Creator’s Lawyer.” 

The true Founder and CEO of this firm is God which is why His name is on our proverbial building - The Creator’s Law Firm. 

As we strive to work daily to serve entrepreneurs we always remember who we are really serving – God.